About me and my home page

This is the personal web site of Pavel. Here are a few facts about me:

  • I graduated from the University of California at Davis with my Masters of Science in Computer Science in early 2023.
  • I study Computer Science at The University of California at Davis, as part of the Master's program
  • I've been online, in the sense of running a web site, more or less regularly since 2010.
  • Among my other interests are:
    • Technology
      • Foundations of methods used to protect data in computer and communication systems.
      • Programming and problem solving
      • Unix-like operating systems
      • Distributed Networking Systems
    • Music
    • Outdoor Recreation
      • Skiing
      • Swimming

Personal technology

I have two computers that I regularly use. In order of usage:

  • Custom-built desktop computer (Windows 10) In the process of buying a new desktop
  • M1 Macbook Air (Mac OS Big Sur)

Since winter 2021, I use an iPhone 13 Pro as my cell phone. I generally don't have a mobile OS preference.

Stretching the definition of the word technology, I can also tell you that I own a grey Infiniti g35 from 2004. blue Subaru Outback from 2021

Site technology

The server hosting this site runs on Firebase and is provided by Google.


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